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look at the archive of automatic air quality monitoring data.

There are three options for the output of your database download, according to the size of the data request. Small enquiries can be shown on your screen using minimum HTML, moderately sized enquiries can be e-mailed to you as an attachment in comma separated format, or the largest enquiries will be left on an ftp site, also in comma separated format, for you to collect. The data on the ftp site will be wiped within seven days if it is not retrieved.

The comma-separated format should make it easy to load the file into a spreadsheet once saved to your local machine. If the program does not recognise the format automatically, you will need to set the file type to "Text" and the separator as "Comma" for Lotus, or rename the file to [NAME].csv for Excel. For non automatic monitoring data please download from here .

Last update on 20/07/2005 
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