South Cambridgeshire DC Air Quality in South Cambridgeshire DC
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What does this mean?Air Pollution is LOW 2
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16/07/2019 20:00

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Welcome to South Cambrigeshire DC Air Quality Web Pages 

Welcome to South Cambrigeshire DC air quality web pages, the main source of air quality information for the dictrict. These pages have been designed to inform you about the causes of poor air quality and what is being done about it, and also to let you know what air pollution is like today, over the previous week and even over previous years. 
Click a monitoring Site on the map above for 7-day graphs, site information and photograps or use the links below. For summary information click the Current Levels or 24 hr Maximum links above or use the links below.
Image Air Quality Monitoring
 We monitor air quality at a number of sites around the borough.
Image Air Quality Data
 From this page you can view the current air quality summary and graphs, or look at the archive of automatic and non-automatic air quality monitoring data.
Image South Cambridgeshire DC Local Air Quality
 Main pages for air quality information and reports in South Cambridgeshire.
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